Friday, September 10, 2010


And 999 to go... I finished the entertainment center I showed you a little of last time I posted.  Here's a couple of views. I just need to sand and take the diagonal brace off. Mary Ann is going to varnish it.

And... speaking of views, I caught this one a little later in the day.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Now that the Pottery Fair is over and I have a little break before I jump into the next batch for the holiday season, I want to show you some pics from the firings of the summer. This is the earlier summer firing, July something... Mary Ann said she needs to put more beads/bead racks in there, they went very quickly!  You can always see her ceramic beads at her etsy shop .

There were a few favorites of mine such as...

And then some pics from the second firing, only a few days before the show... These two show a nice "before and after"...

Some of that "bizenware" I have been talking about.

Flame inside the kiln and outside...

I'll start the cycle again very soon.  I am making an entertainment center out of cherry that I had rough sawn two years ago.  It has been "stuck" (sticks placed every 20" or so between each board so everything dries flat) and been drying for two years. Here's a preview... don't mind the mess and I included the sketch I made for it.

And... when I went up to the workshop to take a picture of the entertainment center, I noticed how beautiful the light and shadow is playing across the hills. So I took a picture of that too.

I can't wait for the fall... the color is stunning.