Saturday, October 2, 2010

NEXT CYCLE ... plus

... plus a finished entertainment center :-)  Nice to have that done.  Not that I didn't enjoy the project, I like woodworking, I just wanted to get going on my next throwing cycle.  Mary Ann finished it with 3 coats, and it is starting to show signs on darkening already.  Eventually it will match the fireplace wood which is 3 years old now.  The sunlight ages cherry and darkens it to a nice patina of sorts. I included some of the details from the fireplace mantle in the entertainment center.  Rectangles of wood near the top corners... stuff like that.  I used rectangles of wood on the window trim too ( Craftsman style ).  The cherry picks up on the stone colors nicely. That's not real stone either! Not too bad for fake, a lot lighter too to install too.  I did a decent amount of stone and brick work for customers before, and now it pays off as "practice" for building my own home. 

Started throwing again... teaware (teabowls,teapots...) and some mugs I just finished putting handles on. And one more pulled teapot handle. I like the way the handle detail flows into the spout angle too. Back to the studio.