Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Big Bud"

I just had to write again to tell you about our (my) rescue dog Buddy. When we first saw him, he lived in a circle of dirt about 10' across. He was on a heavy, five foot chain, that was attached to a metal jungle gym. His food was spilled in the dirt and he would patiently wait for one of the many shoeless children to walk by with food in hand, that he could "relieve" them of. He weighed about 60 lbs. and was skin and bones. Today, he has put on solid weight and looks great! I throw the ball for him daily with this "Chuck-it" that is like a throwing stick, and he loves to retrieve it again and again. He is a Lab/Rottwieler mix and is a fantastic, loyal, loving, gentle dog. If anyone is considering a dog in the future, don't forget the endless supply of "rescue" dogs out there just waiting for a second chance.

He ran away for a week when we first brought him home. After that, we only saw him a few times, like Sasquatch sightings. We would see him run across the opening to the lower meadow or dashing through the woods surrounding our country home, complete with his new red collar and leash in tow. We finally hid in the barn where we were feeding our vanishing dog, and rigged up a rope to pull the door closed behind him, when he came in to eat. He grew to trust us and enjoy his new home.

I bring him up, because I bonded with him at the kiln when I was building it. He had obviously been mistreated and was very afraid of adult males. I noticed he was getting closer and closer each day as I worked on the kiln. I spoke softly to him and eventually he was laying next to me. I named my kiln "Big Bud".

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