Monday, February 8, 2010

Beads, beads, beads...

I wanted to show you the latest. I, (with lots of encouragement from Mary Ann), made lots of beads to wood fire next load. I like throwing on the wheel and I find the beads are small to hold in my fingers and I find it challenging. After dropping many them, I, (being the good sport I am), did finish them and they made it into the bisque load. I did like using some of my techniques that I use on my pottery like paddling with wood texture and pressing with clay stamps I've made. My least favorite is the smoothing/sanding part. I have this great desire now to throw a couple of 28"-30" tall vases. (I am entering a "Carved Vase" competion and have a couple of ideas that I want to enter. Both will include large pieces thrown in sections.) I will fire most of the beads with the turquoise oribe like the last ones. They were very popular, and did sell them right a way to one of her big customers and I like making them upstairs while watching a TV show like CSI or Burn Notice. I set up on the coffee table and shape away, a nice change from the studio.

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