Saturday, April 3, 2010

This Beautiful Free Mug Can Be Yours!!!

Got your attention??? Now that I have it, how would you like to own this? It is made out of stoneware and it holds 11 oz. comfortably. I made this using my two favorite, the turquoise, is actually called an Oribe (pronounced oar-ih-bay). I fired it to 2350* in my wood-fire kiln.
I am going to randomly pick a name from all of the people that become followers of this blog and leave me a comment on this post! CONTEST RULES....1) You must be a pottery lover or at least a coffee drinker 2) Only positive comments 3) Sign up as a follower of this blog. 4) You must be okay with me posting your name as the winner!! 5) Be willing to accept this beautiful mug free of charge!! I'll be picking a name in about two weeks. As you sign in and leave a comment, I will write your name on a small piece of paper, fold it up tight and put them in the mug so I can draw a name out when it's time.
Good Luck!
P.S. If you are interested in the matching cup to this, it is available on my etsy site, as Tuson.


  1. Great blog Mr. P! I loved the photos of your kiln and studio. Looks like you've got a great set-up! Happy Easter! - Tina Day

  2. I'm a wannabe potter and a lover of pottery and pottery blogs. And I love coffee, especially out of lovely mugs like this one. It would be the perfect vessel for some nice freshly ground and brewed Kona beans. I think if I could look at this mug every morning I would be truly inspired. Is that positive enough? I hope so, because it's the truth.

  3. You have a wonderful site, here. I really am glad I found this place, and will continue to follow you on Etsy. Looking forward to a new season of beautiful ware. Best regards, Linda

  4. This is a beautiful piece of work.

  5. I'm in! What a beautiful mug, I'd love it for my desk :)

  6. light blue cradles
    a whole earth
    in a coffee mug

  7. Love it!!!! Sign me up!!! Thanks to you and your beautiful wife, I'm DEFINITELY a pottery fan. :)

  8. Bill,

    Clay as a medium is just fantastic. I never got too comfortable with the potters wheel, but did enjoy building 3D art with clay. So much so that in high school I took an entire year of it my senior year. Allthough in more recent years I've limited my 3D art persuits to building minis for my wargaming hobby, I'm still actively painting and always admiring other people's creations. My step father for example enjoys woodcarving and I enjoy his wood carvings.

    Anyways, it is a lovely coffee mug and my morning cup of joe would certainly be well serviced by it.

    This is a fantastic blog btw.

    Give my sister Terry C. a hello for me the next time you bump into her in the break room.

    Warmest regards,

    Bryan Cummings

  9. Gorgeous Mug! Clay people are just the coolest:D Are there people who don't drink coffee?

  10. Love pottery, love this mug! It would look beautiful with my other mugs that I've been collecting.

  11. What a lovely Mug! I like it bc its plump and Nice looking! I am following you it will be intresting to see what your making. I wouldnt mind that mug in my cupboard! Thank you for the opportunity on this.

  12. Hi Bill! I love coffee and pottery. What a beautiful mug. I followed your wife's directions to your blog. Looking forward to winning your mug and hearing more from you.

  13. Wow,
    I am really happy with the response to this blog give-away! I want to give major kudos to my beautiful wife, Mary Ann, for all her help and posting for my benifit. She is really special! I was hoping to expand my exposure to the lovers of hand made art, and I think I am very well on the way. Thank you to all that have left some really, really nice comments!! I wish I had a mug for everyone. Also, the mug isn't quite as wide as the picture streached it to be. It is wide but not quite that much. Good luck all!

  14. Wow! Beautiful cup, would it be okay for me to drink my morning tea out of since I don't drink coffee? :) I have checked out your Esty site and just love your work. It must a wonderful site to watch your kiln at night!! I'm off to check out your wife's blog now. Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Hey Bill! I'm already following your blog AND I'm a big drinker of all things coffee. I have one of your mugs already (it's one of my favs) but this one is calling to me.(can't you hear it... "Nancy... Nancy... drink out of me!")

  16. Hi Bill! I just absolutely love all of your pics and pottery! I'm also incredibly impressed by your use of technology to share your talents! :) I think that it would be awesome if I won your mug and then use it at school to promote your pieces......
    Great Work!

  17. Hi Bill,

    I'm a mainly Puerh tea lover from The Netherlands Europe. (sorry I don't drink coffee it opsets my stomach)
    But as a tea addict I luvvvvv pottery, my earthy puerh teas would fit the cup very well. Earthy pottery with an earthy drink, there are no better things in live for me, it is my passion!
    If I would win the mug you may include the cup as well, they would make a beautifull pair (of course the cup would be on my account).

    Kind regards,
    Fallen Leaf (The Netherlands, Europe)
    check out my blog

  18. Love all your mugs....just stopped by your Etsy shop to see if you have any new mugs posted and saw the announcement of a mug giveaway on your if I'm too late for the give away that's alright but wanted to say hello anyway!!!