Tuesday, August 14, 2012

This post is over due. I went to Rockport, MA earlier this summer with my wife Mary Ann for a nice, little vacation. While there though, I always paint, one of the reasons I go there. I paint in oils, plein air style... out in the open air, on location, painting what I see. We were walking around town checking out the shops and galleries and I walked into this one gallery and was talking to the owner/artist and admiring his work only to find out he was on his way out the door to go paint in Gloucester. I got invited along on the spur of the moment. How cool is that!? I'm going painting with Bruce Turner. We drove around checking his "spots" and ended up on this wharf that had what he was looking for. There was a pair of huge "sail boats" tied up to the huge dock pointing towards him. They were like this boat that I did take a picture of. I forgot to take a picture of what he was painting.

He set up his easel, that once belonged to either Robert C. Gruppe, son of the famous Emile A. Gruppe, or Emile himself, I can't remember. It is shown in this next picture I got off the internet with Robert painting and in the next one as well with Bruce painting.

Looks like the same one to me. Not all that important though, it was great to learn from Bruce. He shared his thoughts as they came or when I asked. I painted the boat on the dock, getting repaired.

I still have a lot to do, this is just an hour's worth of start.

Here is a picture of our set up.

It was cool to paint with him. I even purchased one of his small paintings as a retirement gift to myself. And a reminder of the day.

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