Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Retaining wall

I finished putting in a small retaining wall and some berming to keep water out from under the kilns' foundation. Next spring, I'll add some color out there, but for now I'm busy getting ready for the winter. I think the kiln will last a lot longer if the winter freeze doesn't get under there. ;-] I also added some more adobe mix on the back of the chimney. I fired last Saturday, my ninth firing so far. I finished building this kiln a year and a half ago, in July '08. I like the smaller size, as I am firing it by myself. I can get cone 12 down in 9 1/2 hours if I wanted to, but I like to slow it down to around 13-14 hours. It gives the pieces more time for ash build up and there is less problems with the firing. I am firing bisqued, glazeware in case my firing times were making you wonder... I like ash accented shinos, glazes and oribe.


  1. Just curious, Bill, how much wood do you burn in that 14 hours? Looks like a very sweet kiln. I would like to fire mine solo but 65 hours is a long time to stay awake.

  2. Hi, sorry to take so long to get back to you, we had an unexpected death in the family. I use about a facecord and a half, give or take. I split it down to a lot of roughly 2"x3" to 3"x5" sticks which oxidize easier and create more heat than a heavy reduction firing. There are times that I reduce a lot, a body reduction at ^012 and then a mix of glaze reduction strengths till finished. I like the semi-control I can have with smaller sticks. As you know with wood firing, you are never in complete control... the exciting part ;-]